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The 5 shoes every man should own

I have said it many times and I keep repeating it. “It is impossible to look good in cheap shoes”.

When it comes to dressing well the shoes cannot be forgotten, you may dress the top on top but if you fail to do so below the whole outfit will fall flat.

Now when talking about buying expensive shoes I don’t talk about shoes with bling bling logos from the most famous fashion houses but rather shoe specialists whose only passion and job in life is to create great shoes. The shoes should be hand made, with genuine craftmanship. Buying cheap shoes is a false economy. Well made shoes if you care for them will last you year in and year out.

Now what shoes makes up the capsule wardrobe for the modern man. If you have got these in your wardrobe you’re good to go.

A Black pair of Oxfords. This is the most classic shoe a man can own and transcends from work to the finer salons.



A boot – make it a Chelsea boot if you tend to hang out mostly in the city or make it lace up for when you spend time in the country side.


The brown dress shoe. For when you want to be less formal and not wearing black – yet still want to wear something more dressy than a trainer.

The minimalist trainer. A classic lace up trainer in a leather or look alike leather material is a must. You wear these when you are off duty with your chinos or jeans. Go for a neutral colour such as navy, grey, black or white, but keep it simple.


The Espadrille. The must have shoe for summer. Works with your shorts as well as light summer trouser.


There you go the man’s capsule shoe wardrobe.