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The 6 Do’s and Don’ts for Business Casual

Oh no – oh yes – what do you actually think about the new dress code that your office now use? Business Casual. Even though you say hate suits, it’s still a comfort as it’s easy and safe. With this new dress code. What to wear and what not? Dappad loves this new dress code and in our home of Scandinavia Business Casual has been the norm for a long time. If you know how to dress you always look smart even if you’re wearing denim. Just look at Bobby Axelrod;)

So show the world who you are. Bye bye boring.

Here are the Do’s and Don’t. Rock these and make them your own.

Chinos or Trouser

Do invest in a pair of well fitting tapered chinos. Choose a dark colour such as Navy, Grey or Black. This pair of trouser will serve you day in and day out.

Don’t go out and buy a high waist wide legged khaki – or you risk ending up looking like Donald Trump at his country club.

Screen Shot 2017-04-11 at 11.38.20


Do invest in a well fitting dark denim with a tapered leg. Choose minimal detailing.

Don’t walk in to the office with a wide legged light wash jeans with rips and other ghastly detailing, Nobody looks good in that.

Screen Shot 2017-04-10 at 15.42.37


Do invest in a range of smart causal shirts. A shirt that has a softer touch to it compared to starched suit shirts. Get a mix of some solid basics with some more patterned ones, a stripe a cheque a dot. We love the way Bobby Axelrod wears darker coloured shirts.

Do not buy shirts with cufflinks. This is not business casual. A cufflink do not go with denim.

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Do invest in good quality knits with no logos or branding. V- neck or C- neck – what ever takes your fancy. Go for staple colours so that you can mix and match with your overall wardrobe.

Do not throw on your branded and 10 year old sweatshirt that you found in the back of your wardrobe and really is only good for painting the house.

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Short sleeves.

For business casual you can get away with a well fitting polo and T-shirt. The top should be slim and not baggy and in a neutral colour.

Screen Shot 2017-04-11 at 11.44.56

Again the fit is key and also please stay away from baggy, Hello I’m wearing a T-shirt 2 sizes too big kind of thing.


For business casual a smart trainer is ideal. It works with your whole wardrobe. If you want to dress up slightly more then choose a chunkier dress shoe such as a Chelsea boot or brogue.

Don’t buy pointy or squared shoes and wear them with a wide legged jeans. This look won’t win you any points in the Bobby Axelrod league.

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Keep these simple guidelines in mind and everything else will follow.

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