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Our guide to how to live a lagom life

Lagom is here, and the world is now looking to how we Swedes have lived our lives for as long as I can remember. It’s funny but the word Lagom doesn’t exist as far I know in any other language that I know of.  So what is lagom? Lagom is just about right. It’s not too much, it’s not too little, it’s right, it’s balance.

As a teenager I rebelled against Lagom and thought this is so boring and so Swedish, but despite not living in Sweden for a long time I have always carried lagom with me, unconsciously. As an adult, where all I want to find is balance I am embracing lagom as never before. Lagom is balance, which is taught in many of the big spiritual texts such as the Tao and Buddhism. Here is my guide to how to live the Lagom life.

Your wardrobe – Keep it simple

 As we have said many times. Don’t clutter your wardrobe, but keep it clean with high quality pieces that all matches. It creates freedom of mind and you know you’ll look great in anything you put on.


Your home – Keep it minimalist

Clutter is for me one of the worst things , it eats up my brain space, so de-clutter, and live with amazing high quality pieces in light and airy spaces.



Beauty in the little things

I make a conscious decision every time that I buy a piece for my wardrobe or my home. If you drink your coffe or tea from a cup that has been created by love and thought you will treasure your drink with love and thought.



Take breaks

Take breaks. From your job, from every day churns. Have a fika and drink your tea or coffe in peace.

Limit Digital devices.

The guys that invented the I-pad and Microsoft were the people that were most conscious of how to use these devices. Do the same and put them away from time to time. They serve you, not the other way around.

Light a candle

My husband goes a bit nuts when I come home with candles after candles but lighting a candle bring peace and harmony to any room that you are in.

Eat vegetables

The energy we put in to us decide our mood and peace of mind, so eat fresh organic vegetables for balance aka a lagom life.

That’s it for me. Do you want to live a Lagom Life? If you want to know more then we warmly recommend the book “The Lagom Life” by fellow Swed and London resident Elizabeth Carlsson.