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Making Men Look Good

In a world where everything is ready to go and fast it’s sometimes nice to stop all information and slow down, shut out all the noise and go back to basics. Dappad chooses to go slow. We don’t sell fast fashion, we sell long lasting high quality style

Dappad is the voice of beautiful style and clothing, quality over quantity. Minimalism. Scandinavians are famous for minimalism and we are Scandinavian.

We don’t have that many brands, actually we boast with only having a few chosen ones that completes a man’s wardrobe, when you choose well you don’t need that many.

By being part of a slower life and slower rate of consumption we are being a mindful consumer and we want to be part of a revolution that turn more and more consumers in to mindful consumers. Every time we buy something we cast a vote. What do you want to vote for?

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In modern society we have become far removed from the start of a product to when it finally ends up in the store and in our baskets. We don’t think about how that piece of clothing or food ended up with us. We just see the final product, but every item has a history. Just because a piece of clothing or food costs one thing in the store, is that the true cost?

The clothes we sell at Dappad are more expensive than your average high street clothing. Why is that? Because we want to provide you with beautiful pieces of clothing that lasts season after season and where the end product is not only a great piece of style and of high quality, but you can wear it knowing it has been responsibly produced. Dappad wants to be part of the change where fashion becomes sustainable and socially responsible.

We always look out for small independent brands and designers that not only make beautiful clothing but also has a story to tell and want to make a difference, where craftsmanship and individuality is valued. We don’t work with the big high street brands enough people already sell these clothes, if you haven’t heard about our brands then that’s only good.

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The Dappad man enjoys the value of looking good with zero effort. When you look good on the outside you also feel better on the inside. We help building beautiful functional outfits that work throughout the year freeing up our customers time and mind clearing out the noise. We don’t do sales because our clothes are timeless and we don’t compete on price. We compete in value –we make men look good effortlessly.

Our customers get a personal and warm service with personal treats, and if you don’t appreciate that then you are probably not our customer – no hard feelings. We are not for everybody – we are a company for the modern man that wants the best in life.

Dappad – Making Men Look Good