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Make a Difference

Hi there,

How you doing? I hope you’re rocking your Dappad clothes spreading the awesomeness around you. There is joy in dressing well.

I have some incredibly exciting news. Dappad and myself is insanely proud to introduce to you the first ever Swan labelled trouser in the world! For those of you not familiar with the Swan label – it’s the most environmentally friendly trouser in the world. Not to say insanely good looking too.


The Consumer has the power

As a consumer and the way I live my life I do my every little bit to reduce my foot print on this planet as much as possible. It’s a great passion of mine and so I want to extend it to Dappad. Just by selling long lasting and high quality clothes we contribute to a more sustainable way of living compared to fast fashion and many of our brands have green production process. However with this new product we have reached a new level.

Eco fashion was previously associated with bad looking clothing and low style but that’s changing fast as the consumer’s consciousness of what you’re buying is on the up. The consumer wants to support ethical companies that do good.

The Brand – Velour by Nostalgi

Velour by Nostalgi is a small and iconic Swedish fashion brand from Gothenburg producing versatile timeless wear for the modern consumer. They’re the first company in the world to get awarded with the Svanen label for a piece of clothing.

 What is Svanen and what does it take to get it? 

Svanen is a Nordic Eco Label trusted by 99% of consumers. It’s a really tough label to get, but that doesn’t normally stop you. The whole life cycle of the product is examined from the production of textile fibers, sales in store and possibility to recycle. Svanen examines both fabrics, button and zipper and there are important choices in production of fibers, treatments of fabrics and a examination of spillage from for example transportation, making sure that the product is safe for you and our planet.

The results

Better for you and the environment: Hazardous chemicals, toxics or heavy metals and endocrine disruptors are strictly forbidden.

Better for the workers and factories: Working conditions and environment are good, factories are not polluting the environment and it contributes to a more sustainable textile production

Better textiles and sustainability: They use progressive technology that allows the denim to retake it’s fit, which need less washes, the cotton is organic in both chinos and jeans and the better quality seams allow the products for a longer lifespan. The cotton from the factories waste is recyclable and polyester from PET-bottles to our denim

By choosing Svanen eco labeled products, you contribute in helping the world, bit by bit, for a more sustainable future.


 Get your Svanen Chino and Denim

At Dappad we have two style of chinos and one style of denim. One regular fitting chino for the man that wants to have some more space around the leg and one more slimmer fitting model for the man that prefers a slim fitting trouser.And finally an every day jean with a timeless fit. The chino is priced at 140 GBP and the denim at 150 GBP.

Dappad charity campaign 

For this crazy cool piece of clothing we have a special campaign on where we will donate 10% of profits to AUM films. A.U.M. Films and Media’s mission is to effectively and efficiently represent a harmonious voice for all life on this planet, through all forms of media. They are the producers of incredibly important movies such as Cowspiracy and What the Health the Movie. These movies are bringing crucial messages to the masses. As a believer in compassion for all life, a cancer survivor and environmentalist AUM films and Svanen has my vote.

Do I have yours?