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How what you’re wearing affects your performance in life

You know that depending on what you’re wearing people will treat you differently; your clothes are your business card. But can, what you’re wearing also affect how you perform in life? Indeed it can. Northwestern University in the US has found the phenomenon called enclothed cognition; the effects of clothing on your cognitive process. The study is a scientific field called embodied cognition, which proves that we do not only think with our brains but with our bodies too. When we put on certain clothes our ability to take on certain roles is impacted.



In the experiment at Northwestern they had three groups. One wore a white lab coat and was told that it was a doctor’s coat. One group was told it was a painter’s coat and the third group only saw a doctor’s coat. The result was clear. The group wearing the doctor’s coat had about a 50% better result than the two other groups in the cognitive test. The same result was found in other set ups as well.



So what does this mean for you?

Everyone is different with his own style but there are guidelines to follow. You want a sharp mind? Choose sharp clothing? Some say that swapping the denim to a navy chino had a positive effect on performance at work. Still there are 5 key things to keep in mind when dressing and below is the Dappad guide to dress for maximum performance in life, the 5 key points.

Choose well fitting clothing; Too baggy or relaxed clothing will make you think you’re on your sofa watching billions. This rule applies to trousers, shirts, jumpers and coats.

Wear mostly neutral solid colours;  crazy patterns and colours may become a distraction.

Buy the highest quality your money can buy; What message do you think the clothes will send your body and mind when you put on a well-designed piece in a high quality fabric rather than a cheap ill-fitting piece? You know the answer yourself.

Do not forget the shoes! Tom Ford says – it’s impossible to look good in cheap shoes and I agree. You may have dressed the part on top but if you fail to do so below unfortunately you’ve failed. You can opt for a trainer just as well as a classic oxford, Chelsea boot or brogue, the key is quality and good craftsmanship.

Last but not least underwear. If you would have to be rushed to hospital would you be proud of your underwear? If No, you know what do to now.



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