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Do Good By Looking Good

As some of you have have already seen we have welcomed a new brand, Good Guys Don’t wear leather, that make the most awesome planet and animal friendly shoes ever. This is why we brought them on and what we are trying to do together.



Fashion needs to change. It needs to change radically and from the ground up.  The whole industry needs to become kinder towards people, the planet and animals. It needs to become more sustainable, both in the way that things are made, but also in the amount that we consume.  In some shops there are new collections every second week. Really do we need new clothes every other week? and do seasons really change that much? In clothing as we see it, there is really only 4 seasons, that you can get in buying 3 times a year.



Now at Dappad we aren’t perfect when it comes to all of this, and we also need the sales so that we can do what we want to do, to grow while spreading our message, but we try and make conscious efforts in the clothes that we sell, how we do it and the message that we bring and we hope that this message will only grown. One step in this process is welcoming Good Guys to our brand mix. This brand really does it all, it’s kind to people, animals and the planet.



The shoes are designed in France, made in Portugal sweatshop free, where workers have good conditions making the shoes. The “leather” is made from microfibre, canvas and natural rubber which result in a light, waterproof, durable and comfortable shoe. Because they use leather alternatives there is no need to use harsh chemicals that then go in to our oceans and soils. The brand is constantly looking for new material and is aiming to become 100% recyclable and bringing on materials that will have  ZERO CO2 emissions. The material is derived from natural resources such as cereals and vegetable seeds coming from no food agriculture and made in Italy. Sound pretty cool right?


When we meet and find brands like this that not only do products that look good but also do good our hearts sing, and we hope that you will love our efforts in doing this and that you will join us in becoming kinder and more sustainable in the most best dressed way:)

Style and Love

Erika, Sara and Julia