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Dappad’s guide to the Northern lights

I come from the land of Northern lights, from the polar circle in Sweden. Growing up with it I never thought how amazing it is, as with anything that is so close to you. The season of the Northern light is upon us now and this is my guide to some of the most northern parts of this planet. Today in my home town it’s -23C! All of the places listed here has an amazing offer with wild life experiences and activities suited for the whole family.

The Tree Hotel, Harads, Sweden

Always wanted to live in a tree house as a kid? This is your chance to do it, at the tree hotel in Harads Sweden. The place is extraordinary and the friendly family staff, Britta, will make you feel relaxed as soon as you step inside. If you have kids – why not stay in the UFO? Despite being in one of the most remote places in the world, Vogue did find their way here.




Kakslauttanen Northern Finland

The amazingly famous glass igloos in the very most northern part of Finland. You sleep watching the stars and hopefully the northern lights. The stars shine bright in this part of the world where the climate is cold and dry and very little pollution. Probably one of the most breath-taking experiences. And for the kids – you have Santa Land, after all this is the home of Father Christmas.




The Ice Hotel Jukkasjarvi Sweden

The Ice Hotel is very famous by now and known all over the world. The Ice is used from Tornea alven and when it melts in the spring time it goes back – recycling and sustainability hand in hand. You probably only wanna spend one night in the actual cold part of the hotel, and then the next one, hop in to the warm and cosy part. Delicious local organic food is served.





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