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4 pieces to get the after-ski look right

What to wear for after ski? Are you the pro skier not stopping for lunch or are you like us, up early to the slopes but hey a glass of wine at lunch is pretty nice. Then when you go out for dinner or after-ski what do you wear? In the mountains it’s all about comfort, softer materials and layering. This is our guide how to look your best and still be comfortable.


Go for a pair of boots with a rubber sole. This will make you keep the grip on the ice yet no compromise on style.



A soft and comfortable denim will give you the relaxed holiday feeling that you’re looking for.  Don’t go too skinny as you want to be comfortable.



For the mountain a button down shirt in a flannel material sets the right tone not being too dressy.  A cool check is a nice touch to add.


A chunky knit in a jumper or cardigan style that you can put on top of the shirt for added cosiness and warmth is a definite.  Un-layer as the evening goes on.


If you’re off skiing happy skiing and need some new pieces let us know and for tomorrow Happy Valentine’s day!