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4 people that will give you energy, not drain it. Follow on Instagram.

We all know that most of Instagram is a pretend world. We all look so happy, so polished and just have perfect lives, yeah right?! I had to have a good clean out of my Instagram, and instead of feeling like a total failure every time I opened it, I now follow people that actually make me feel good. People that keep it real, that inspire me and gives me energy.

So I thought I’d share 4 of my favourites that talk about life in such a loving and real voice. I hope you will love it as much as I do.  I have picked a quote from each person’s Instagram.


Jay Shetty. For when you get out of bed and maybe don’t feel that groovy head on over to Jay Shetty. Jay is a former British munk who’s videos have been viewed by billions of people, and that in just 18 months! Pretty amazing,  just because he speaks the truth about how it is to live. His mission: Making Wisdom go viral.


Brene Brown. For when you don’t know what to do at work, how to lead or how to be the boss, or simply how you can show your true self and be vulnerable wherever you go, Brene Brown is your woman. She’s a researcher, a story teller and Texan.



Rich Roll.  If you feel lost, stuck or don’t know how to get your health back on track, Rich Roll is your dude. Rich turned his life around at the age of 40 going from overweight and over worked to being named the fittest vegan on earth.



Arrianna Huffington, doesn’t really need an intro, she is after all the founder of the Huffington post. But more importantly she is the founder of Thrive, where she is trying to redefine success to include, health, longevity, peace and health. She is also a strong spokes person for sleep..zzzz 🙂


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