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What makes an amazing winter coat

The weather has finally turned and gotten colder, maybe it’s the Swedes in us but we’re liking it! So how do you stay cool in the cold?  It’s all about the coat and this is our take on it with inspiration from Instagram’s most stylish.


In classic Dappad spirit we think coats should work in many occasions and with different clothing. A coat should be able to transcend from going over your suit to be worn with a jean.

The Sartorialist Instagram

Neutral Colour

Choose a neutral colour to not tire of it and making it last a few years, navy, camel or grey.  Black can work if you’re a bit more rock but can otherwise risk looking too formal and strict.

Oscar Arrsjo Instagram

Cut and length

The cut should be modern and slim. If the cut is too classic then it won’t look good with your jeans. It’s very important that it’s not too long and should finish at the knees or above.  Lower than the knees and it will look too formal and not very modern.

Oscar Arrsjo Instagram

Keep it clean

A jacket with too many details or logos on will look off if you want to wear it over a suit for any smarter occasions.

NN07 Instagram

We hope you enjoyed our coat edit! And don’t forget our 20% this week!

The Dappad Team

Erika, Sara and Julia