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Are you shirt ready?

Nothing sets you off for the autumn and the new work and school season where all your energy and brainpower is asked for, then some fresh crisp shirts. Say good-bye and do a clean out of the ones that now is really only good for painting the house. If it’s dull it goes.

Eton is my go to brand for shirts as they really are the Rolls Royce of shirts, minus the pollution. The performance of the Eton shirt outperforms all other shirts on the street in terms of longevity, style and environmental impact. An Eton shirt will last you at least 3 years if worn every week. That is a cost per wear of 0.865 GBP per time, less than your daily coffee.


I do care deeply about sustainability and Eton is at the forefront of sustainability. For Eton, lasting high quality products where the production process is monitored at all stages = sustainability. Eton only uses Extra Long Staples Cotton that makes for 0.3% of the world’s top cotton production; they produce the shirts in Europe and uses an oxygen process when treating the fabric. This leaves no chemicals on your shirt. Your skin is the body’s largest organ and everything that you put on your skin it absorbs. So for a shirt that goes directly on your skin, a chemical free option is really the only way to go.


So to get you shirt ready and looking smart we have two offers for you this September.

Buy 4 Eton shirts and get the 5th free! Like that you are sorted for a whole week. In short you get 5 shirts for 540 GBP instead of 675. With this offer the cost per wear comes down to 0.69 GBP per time.

Alternatively buy 2 shirts and get the third one half-price. Instead of paying 405 GBP you get 3 shirts for 340. Cost per wear 0.726.

Either let your stylist do all the thinking for you and she’ll provide you with a selection that works well for your whole week or tell her if you only want solid colours, or to include a cheque, a stripe a dot.

Offer is valid until 30th of September. Just email your stylist or send an email to and the right person will take care of you.


Thank you so much for listening and I hope that the autumn will see you in some fresh, crisp, economical  and sustainable shirts.