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10 things that happen when you dress well

Getting your outfit right is one of the best ways to start your day, along with mediation and some intention setting. When you step out in to the world feeling great, and yes clothes do this to you (or at least me), they either make you feel great or like you want to to go and hide, we will do great. I don’t always get my outfits exactly right but when I do I have some of my best days, it’s like, hey world bring it on. So I thought why not ask some of my friends and close people how they feel and what happens when you dress well. Here are the 10 things that I was told, and seems like good investment considering how many free coffees you get;)


Photo Credit Eton Instagram


  1. Women check you out.
  2. Men check you out.
  3. You get free coffees at Pret.
  4. Strangers smile at you.
  5. Strangers ask you for directions.
  6. People inherently trust you.
  7. You want to stay fit.
  8. People assume you got your life together.
  9. People assume you’re wealthy.
  10. You understand the power of appearance.

How do you feel when you have the best outfit on? Let us know!


Photo Credit Eton Instagram