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Your How to Guide – Dressing For the warmer season

Your Guide to dress well in the warmer season

Even though it’s been darn cold these last few days and you are probably still wearing hats and gloves. we are in spring and summer is just around the corner.

This is our how to guide to dress well in the warmer weather. No it doesn’t include baggy basket ball shorts and a washed out baggy T-Shirt and yes this season is a season to dress well in too, no excuses.

Joining us in show casing the different looks is Sven-Goran. He is our newest member of staff and puts on everything we tell him to;) We love him! Say hello to Sven-Goran.

Lighter coloured trousers and a light weight un constructed jacket for when you are feeling light in spirit. Wear these on days and evenings out. Here Sven-Goran is show casing how you can look great and be comfortable in any given moment.

Sven-Goran has chosen to pair the trousers with a soft white shirt, that are perfectly matched with the white sneakers and an olive jacket that instantly dresses the outfit up. Take the jacket off and you are casual. Play around with different colours and texture on your jacket and you have different different looks.




Linen shirts. There is nothing better than a linen shirt when the sun is shining and you are either running after your kids in the park or lounging around a pool at a Mr and Mrs Smith hotel.  You can wear linen with denim, chino or shorts, what ever takes your fancy.

Sven-Goran decided that he wanted to have a relaxed look for the day, with a no button style and pull over style shirt with a softer light denim.  The no-button style gives the comfort and relaxed look that he wants.  Normally a big fan of blue he decided to spice it up with some colour in his sweat shirt and Espadrilles.


Pull over Shirt look


Shorts. Every man needs at least 3 pairs of shorts in his wardrobe.  In the right short you can look so so great!  We think a dress short, a swim short and a more relaxed in between short. No short cuts – pun intended.  For the more dressy short choose a more fitted look, as well as for the swim shorts. For the in between one enjoy some more space and a relaxed fit.

Sven-Goran is on holiday and chose a cotton and linen mix short in blue. He loves these shorts as they are so versatile and works in almost every short occasion, pub, cafe, the city, the country side. He chose to pair them with a short sleeved linen shirt in black that he’s draped over a crisp white T-shirt for contrast. Yes short sleeves are not out – actually they are in. He decided to show off a bit as well and choose a pair of sunglasses with blue tinting to match the shorts.




Espadrilles – a pair of Espadrilles are a must in the summer. They work with chinos, denim and shorts. In the café around the pool with the kids. In short it’s the best 70 GBP that you have ever invested. On top of this ours are hand made in Spain. Sven-Goran has been showcasing his in all the pics. But just in case we have one more here.



A soft draw string trouser. This style of trouser is a mix between a chino, sweatpants and suit pant. And we love it. Because of the mix – it works everywhere, to an occasion, to work, to the pub, you name it. Depending on what you combine it with you can dress it up and dress it down. On top of it – it’ is ultra comfortable! Bye bye sticky boring suit pants.

Sven-Goran has a love for long sleeved T-shirts. Perfect for weekend wear. So the trousers are perfect as he wants comfort. As it’s still a bit chilly he decided to put on a jacket in a cardigan style. All done!




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