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Your choice of clothes will shape who you become

We’re super excited to introduce our partnership with Anabel Maldonado founder of The Psychology of Fashion. Anabel has a background in psychology and neuroscience as well as fashion. Despite the love of fashion she felt it had to be something more than the latest print of this season and wanted to explore the deeper side of fashion and by merging her two expertise areas she’s doing just that.


When I came across Anabel and her work I got super excited as this is exactly what I’ve been wanting to do with Dappad, communicate the message that dressing well is a real joy and can change you on a deeper level.

I have divided our talk in to three parts covering enclothed cognition and how what you put on your body affects your cognitive functions and performance; sustainability, and the disconnect between the fact that fashion is something beautiful but often looked upon as something frivolous and where many people can have the attitude of “I’m better than fashion and clothes”.

This part talks about Enclothed Cognition and how what you wear can affect your performance in life. I have earlier shared the big study done by Kellog Univeristy in the US showing that when particpants thought they wore a doctors coat their cognitive functions went up 50%. As Anabel says there’s really no surprise that what you put on affects your daily behaviour. This is widely accepted when it comes to interiors and architecture so why should clothes be any different?


So what are three key things to always keep in mind when dressing for business success.  If you take care of your self, you can be trusted to take care of a project as well.

Quality matters

We have mentioned this before but quality is so darn important meaning the fabric, cuts and seams. It will affect your confidence on a deeper and unconscious level, and hence how you’re interacting with the world. Maybe you think they won’t notice the little seam here or there but people do notice and the fact that you know matters. The key is in the detail, everything matters. Down to the socks that you’re wearing.


Photo Credit Johannes Huebl

Blue is your friend

Blue and particularly navy is associated with intelligence, loyalty and consciousness.  Anabel says there’s no coincidence that most suits are navy and blue. So whenever you have something important that you’re about to do blue is always a good idea. We may also add that it’s simply our favourite colour on men.


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Apply the 80/20 Rule

Never go all in, in one direction, whether it’s fully corporate or all street, as you may risk looking like you’re playing dress up and you lose your personality. So always add something that’s you, whether it’s a colourful sock, a pocket square or maybe a little detail in the inseam of the shirt collar.


Photo credit Johannes Huebl

That’s it for now! Stay tuned for more..

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