Will you be my Valentine? - Dappad

Will you be my Valentine?

Will you be my valentine,

Maybe we can have a conversation over a glass of wine.

Oh the magic of a date,

No matter if we eat or skate.

Maybe we hubby or wifey are already,

Or perhaps it’s the beginning and we don’t know whether we’re going steady.

No matter the situation a good impression we want to make,

And hopefully after the first drink stay awake.

Very often Netflix and the sofa is our date,

But this time we are out with our mate

So what to wear?

We by an effortless outfit swear.

Like we made an effort but didn’t try too hard,

Otherwise your date may want to run away from you many yards.

So stick with a minimalist style.

And you may just have fun for a while.

We hope you enjoyed that little rhyme and if you fancy a new outfit for a date or any other occasion let us know.

As Hardy Amies Said : “A man should look like he bought his clothes with intelligence, put them on with care and then forgotten all about them.”

Here are some great date outfits that we love.

High Style with a relaxed navy suit and white shirt – there’s nothing better! The Sartorialist Instagram.


A relaxed navy jacket that can double as a coat gives that careless vibe yet looks so great. From Hartford Instagram.

Who said dressing well was complicated? A great light blue shirt and grey trousers is all  you need. NN07 Instagram.

A denim shirt with beige trousers and you got it. Eton Instagram.


Keep the tones neutral – and it’s so easy. Tiger of Sweden Instagram.

We wish you a fun Valentine’s day!