When you buy a box we plant a tree - with One Tree Planted - Dappad

When you buy a box we plant a tree – with One Tree Planted

When I started Dappad my vision was always to be change for good. As I set out on my journey I came across the organisation conscious capitalism started by the CEO of Whole Foods and I felt inspired as never before.  To me conscious capitalism is what the future is all about, companies creating positive change with both humane, environmental and economical values taken in to consideration.

On a personal level I’m very environmentally aware and I want to bring this in to Dappad. With the timeless high quality clothes that we provide, that has been consciously produced we feel like we contribute with a slow fashion attitude rather than a fast fashion one and we’re proud of that.  As we grow we will look in to more and more things that we can do and for now we just introduced the scheme “Buy a box – We plant a Tree” with the Non Profit Organisation One Tree Planted. https://onetreeplanted.org Their mission #reforestation and so is ours.



The scheme is super simple 1 Dollar plants one tree. We just made an initial donation of 100 Dollars so we just helped to plant 100 trees! This is only a start and there will be much more to come. Every month we will donate the number of boxes we sold and always look if we can spare some extra dollar for more trees.

Trees are the lungs of our planet and they absorb all the pollution that we put out and we need much more of trees planted rather than the deforestation that is taking place in a rapid pace all around the world. This is our way of contributing.

I hope our message resonates with you and that you will join us on making this world a greener place to live.



Love. Trees and Amazing Clothes