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What makes a Dappad box?

As we have now some amazing in house photographers, we’re happy and excited to share and show you our clothes in a better and detailed way, which we hope you’ll enjoy. These are boxes that we have made this spring. Each box we send out is completely unique and no one is exactly like the other but there’s a common theme over them.  And they are:


  1. A complete outfit that gives your wardrobe a refresh in the most simple and beautiful way.

2. Colours are always neutral. When you build a capsule wardrobe on neutral colours it’s the easiest thing to get dressed in the morning.


3. It’s in the detail. We always aim to include an accessory to complete and bring detail to an outfit.

4. In a first box that’s full we try and include both a chino and a jeans so that you bottom part is covered:)


5.   Timeless knits are always a part of a box.


6. Our dog is not:)

We hope you enjoyed this!

Team Dappad


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