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What are you paying for? – The Sustainability Game.

Sustainability is the buzzword of the moment, although I hope that sustainability will be part of our vocabulary for forever and that we as individual human beings of this planet will move towards more sustainable life styles. I try and do everything I can in my day to day life to be more sustainable. I’m not perfect and probably make choices that could be better but at least I’m mindful of how I consume and the choices that I make. What food do I eat, what clothes do I wear, what mode of transportation do I use? These are all things that we can do in our day to day lives.  Scandinavian fashion has long been about sustainable fashion as it’s timeless and classic and I’m bringing this with me to Dappad.

This is part three from my conversation with Anabel at The Psychoglogy of Fashion.  And this is what we talked about.


When I spoke to Anabel, I said I want to do more, I feel like I’m not doing enough, but she said something that comforted me, you’re doing something and that’s already a good step on the way. It’s hard to tick all the boxes but just by ticking a few we’re one step on the way. So what do we do?



  • Promoting Quality over quantity – just buy doing this and saying no to fast fashion we are already doing our part for a more sustainable way of living.  Yes quality costs more but we just need to buy a little less.
  • A capsule wardrobe. A capsule wardrobe means that most things match and lasts seasons after season. This again brings about the need to buy less – which is more sustainable.
  • Brands – many of our brands are at the forefront of trying to become more and more sustainable with for example our Svanen labelled (Nordic Eco label) chinos and jeans  from Velour by Nostalgi and Eton shirts that are at the very forefront of using the least amount of water and oxygen processes rather than chemicals.
  • We plant a tree for every box that we sell.
  • We are also looking in to brands that use bio fabrication to create leather, that use organic cotton – and slowly slowly will we be incorporating this in to Dappad.



What does sustainability mean for the customer. It will cost more, theres’s no way around it. As  a person at the Copenhagen Fashion Summit said – you just can’t produce a T-shirt for 10 dollar and think that it’s been done ethically. Why aren’t more brands more sustainable? Because it’s hard. You want transparency – somebody has to pay for transparency. But if each and every one of us do something we will create a more positive and sustainable future. Are you with me? x Erika