Unity - Dappad


Unity in a word so divisive.

When Covid-19 hit the world if it showed anything, it is how connected we are. From one wet market in Wuhan where the Virus came from the whole world had to shut down leaving not only deaths, and ill health in its way but also economic hardship and everything that comes with that.

But it seems like we don’t learn, do we? You’d think that a virus that causes all this to us would make us kinder to each other, but no. Then we then have the strength and vulnerability of a system so interconnected. We are connected yet separate – what happens to you happens to me. How can we create a better system?

As a micro-entity, we at Dappad have a limited impact on the world and its ways, but as Greta Thunberg says, no one is too small to make a difference. So we want to voice our support too.