Turn Black Friday Green - Dappad

Turn Black Friday Green

We have joined forces with other retailers and especially My Wardrobe and their collaboration with Bluemarine foundation. this Black Friday weekend with the aim of  wanting to encourage everyone to shop more consciously.  It is in a way a call to arms based on a responsible consumerism concept, and hopefully a movement of GreenFriday, while still keeping the messaging and ethos of supporting retail and the high street during a time during which they very much need us to be spending.
Black Friday is one of the most consumer driven days of the year with 7.4 billion items bought in one day and 40% of these items ending up in landfill within 12 months. We know it can be a way to save some pennies in the run-up to Christmas- and that this year more than ever we need to support businesses- but we hope to help stop the excessive purchasing of unnecessary items by this year asking consumers to think before they buy, be environmentally conscious in our choices, and to remember that good design = sustainable design.
This isn’t about not consuming or shaming we are as any reliant on consumption and people buying clothes, it’s just when it turns excessive and we buy things because it’s discounted and something that we hadn’t thought of before. The message is simply buy, but do so in the most sustainable and ethical way you can – and as we always like to say good timeless design is sustainable design.
At Dappad our core collections build the base of a man’s wardrobe one that stands the test of time.
When the industry go fast we go slow.