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The work uniform part 2.

We are on to work uniform part 2 today. Today we’re on to the tech guy or entrepreneur.

If you work for a tech company, are an entrepreneur or working for a start up. In a nut shell this is your work capsule uniform.

A jeans, a pair of trainer a hoodie and a T-shirt for most casual days. For days when you need to dress slightly smarter change your jeans to a chino and switch the hoodie to a shirt. Easy peasy:)

A white trainer goes with literally everything and is often a type of shoe you see on entrepreneurs. Apparently Daniel Ek CEO and founder of Spotify is always found wearing white trainers.



We love how hoodies now a day can look really smart like the one here from NN07.


Wear the t-shirt and shirt on their own or together. You can wear the T-shirt with the shirt on top open for a confident look.