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The work uniform part 1.

With flexible work wardrobes now more or less the norm we thought we’d show case a few different work uniforms that can make the core of your work wardrobe, no matter your role. To have a uniform can be a great way of taking the stress out of getting dressed in the mornings. We start with the smart casual corporate outfit. Maybe you work in a bank, law firm or consultant and you need to look professional but you have said good bye to the suit. We will follow up with the doctor, the tech guy, the start up, the creative etc.. Just stay tuned.

The absolute base

A chino, a dark jean, a white and light blue shirt and an unconstructed jacket.

The knit

Not everyone likes knits or jumpers but it’s a great way to look really put together and helpful during colder days.

The belts

It’s great to have at least two belts one black to match your black shoes and one more fun braided one for a less formal look.


The party shirt

Let’s face it the grey shirt below isn’t a party shirt but it’s great to have one that’s not white or blue and in a different material to maybe wear on a Friday or day when you can be a bit more flexible:)


The black shoe

A classic oxford.


We hope you enjoyed this!

Team Dappad