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The rise of the trainer

Trainers have become the go to shoes for men all over the world  for all occasions really.  It has gone from something that you were wearing when you were exercising, to now being worn in the finer salons. Many restaurants and clubs have now changed their policy on trainers as they can come in a luxurious packaging and can cost as much a small car:)  In the work place they are common place and who do we have to thank for this? The dudes over in Silicon Valley that probably would be surprised that they have started a fashion trend.

When choosing the right trainer – always think less is more and they will work with your chinos, your jeans as well as your suit. A few of our favourites that are all ethically made in leather from apples in a process that’s called bio fabrication. And when you have worn them out Womsh take them and make them in to playground flooring – pretty good eh?