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The Identity and power of clothes

When life throws you curve balls, clothes can help us keep our sense of identity, sometimes it’s the only thing that makes us feel normal. Our chosen uniform can reassure others that we are competent and can reassure ourselves that we belong to our chosen tribe.



In lock down this was evident to myself. Whilst I like a lot of other people spent my days in yoga or sweatpants I came to a point where I just felt tired and not really like my self. As I made the effort to scrub up, go for a run, take a shower and put on clothes not meant for exercising I started feeling more in control, more motivated and ultimately happier.



No matter your walk of life the clothes you put on will enhance or decrease your sense of identity and where you believe your place in society is.


During lock down do what Marie Kondo preaches get rid of the clothes and other clutter that doesn’t bring you joy, and get things that does. As we maybe have less things to do that brings us joy during Covid 19, surrounding your self with beauty and things that bring you joy is an easy thing to do.




Ultimately we want to feel alive and vibrant and small choices such as getting that great jean on can actually make a difference.