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The fashion and world today

Smart man in the market

Pitti is a celebration of men’s style and it is fantastic to see such a gathering for men’s wear. If you look back only a few years these events were much smaller and didn’t gather close to the attention it does now. However as the acceptance for men to take care of their appearance grows, so does the market for men’s wear. It is actually predicted to overtake the women’s market in just a couple of years. It is a reflection of the times. We are moving towards a softer and in many ways warmer  society where equality between men and women are put at the forefront. I know it doesn’t always seems this way – but this the case. Fashion is always a reflection of the times and you can see this in what we are wearing now.




A few years back in the heat of the banking boom and the WAGs, men’s suits were big and women’s heals were sky high. The fashion back then was a reflection of the society that we lived in. In today’s slightly more softer and equal society where the new companies such as Facebook and Air BnB are setting the trends the silhouettes are the opposite. Men are wearing slim fitting suits, and very often no suit at all and and women are wearing men’s shoes. I love my monk straps!

I love the fashion and trends of today. They are understated and soft. To be well dressed is not about choosing outrageous pieces with big logos and recognised brands it is about choosing the best quality and fit that money can buy. To dress well is not complicated. A well fitting slim style chino with a slim white shirt paired with an unconstructed blazer and either a pair of clean looking trainers or a pair of loafer or monkstraps and you are good to go. Less is simply more.



I felt encouraged by what I was seeing at Pitti. What the best dressed people were wearing, how they were styling it and what the brands were showing.

At Dappad we tend to keep things simple. A white shirt isn’t just a white shirt. It is a white shirt where the material is carefully chosen and treated, and where the fit has been thoughtfully optimised by the designer. We focus on staple pieces that can be worn over and over again and combined with a range of garments giving you a versatile and easy to wear wardrobe.


In the end you have your personal style the one that is true to you, pick the pieces that fits with you, make it your own and wear it confidently. Fashion changes but Style Endures.

“Vain trifles as they seem, clothes have, they say, more important offices than to merely keep us warm. They change our view of the world and the world’s view of us.” Virginia Wolf

Thank you for your time