The contrasts of being a man. - Dappad

The contrasts of being a man.

A man is so many things right? From what society may say a man should maybe be in a certain way?  But at Dappad we know that a man are so many things, the hard side is often combined with a soft side.

We did a life style shoot with our amazing clothes where we tried to find the contrasts that we so often have in our lives not to mention the humour and joy that we often forget in every day lives.

After all it’s just clothes and as Eckhardt Tolle says, don’t take life too seriously, just be and enjoy being. We hope you enjoy this as much as we did. More to come later on too:) What does it mean to you be a man?

Where’s the Champagne Dude? When you go to a party you want to look the part – but not like you’re trying too hard. We think this picture says it all:) Unconstructed jacket from Barena Venezia, navy knit from NN07, chinos from Tiger of Sweden and trainers from Good Guys.



Ooooops I thought I was listening to my podcast when actually I just wanted to enjoy the sun. I forgot my headphones so I used my son’s.  Jeans from Paige Denim and T-shirt from Casall.



Got to catch up on the world’s news, but that’s more fun and grounding when surrounded by unicorns. Reminds me of what’s real:)

Jacket from Tiger, Shirt from Eton and chinos from NN07.


I just wanted to have my coffee in peace and quiet and the only place I found it was in the bath. Jacket from Hartford, shirt from Eton and trousers from Tiger.