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The 7 Key pieces every man should bring on holiday

Hello there, I hope you’re enjoying the hot hot weather we’re having at the moment, and hopefully you have taken my previous advice of how to dress for the warm weather. I’m continuing on the summer theme and letting you know what key pieces you should bring on holiday. Here they are. Enjoy!


  1. The Espadrilles. I can’t rave enough about these shoes. They’re just plain awesome on and works with your whole holiday outfit, if you bring these you don’t need any other shoes. Wear them to the poolside with your swim shorts. Wear them with your dress shorts visiting your local village. Wear them with your lightweight trousers for dinner. Your Oxfords can be left at home – you’re on holiday after all.



  1. Your Orlebar Brown Swimshorts. As we know because of the design the OB shorts can double as a normal short saving you from having to change when you go for lunch and we like ease and style hand in hand.



  1. A pair of dress shorts. For excursions in to your local village and dinners when you don’t want wear a trouser.



  1. A short sleeved linen shirt. Wear it during the day on the beach with your swim shorts or with your dress shorts for excursions. Whilst I’m always for a slim fit, for this occasions a relaxed and not to slim look is to favour both for look and comfort.



  1. A T-shirt. Not much to say a tailored and beautiful T-shirt is a must. Choose neutral colours as that will allow you match them to any coloured bottom that you choose.



  1. A long sleeved linen shirt for late afternoons and evenings when you want to smarten up your look slightly. By all means roll the sleeves up. Linen is so beautiful and light for the warmer period.



  1. A lightweight trouser for evenings and dinners. Wear them with any of the two shirts and the Espadrilles.