Simplify your wardrobe – Simplify your life - Dappad

Simplify your wardrobe – Simplify your life

As we are all waking up to the simplicity and beauty of minimalism and a clutter free life, we are doing high fives over at the Dappad office. Get the Dappad wardrobe Detox.



The intention with Dappad has never been of a fast fashion mentality where we are slaves to the latest trends. We have always been a voice for slow fashion and the Scandinavian look of timeless and understated fashion that looks amazing through the seasons and the years with high quality key pieces. With a simple wardrobe your life becomes simpler. We know that clutter actually has a detrimental effect on our minds, there’s nothing so deliberating as having clutter free surroundings.



Personally our wardrobes are cleared out at least once a year and we have done our magic for many of our friends’ wardrobes that say it’s been one of the best things ever.

Wait no more – we are now offering our wardrobe detox as a Dappad service!  If you live in, or 1.5 hour outside of London the Dappad team, myself (Erika) and Sara will come and clear out your wardrobe, organise it the way that makes your life easier, take away your old clothes for a charitable donation and after that if we think that you need to complement it we will suggest some pieces.

The value of this service is 280 GBP for a 2-hour detox and 500 GBP for a 4-hour detox. What do you say? Is 2018 the year for a clutter free wardrobe and clutter free mind?  For information enquire at