September - back to school - Dappad

September – back to school

September is upon us and schools are back and if you are a parent like me having, home schooled your child I guess you are with me in doing a happy dance in the living room. Teachers are super heroes for sure.



Schools are back and the world is slowly getting back too to some sort of normality. Covid has impacted a lot of industries not to say the least retail and fashion. Whilst we are online and haven’t had a retail space to close we were still affected of course but we want to thank all our loyal subscription clients that stayed with us during this period and made us pull through! It won’t go un noticed.

So back to school now and we are back in a fuller capacity, and here is our ideas for getting autumn 2020 off to a productive and focused start as the last few months at least for us have been sometimes all over the place and a routine actually makes us thrive in the long run. These are the things we are doing ourselves.

  1. Getting back to the morning mediation. Getting up before anyone else gets ups and having 15 minutes of breathing only.
  2. Hot water and lemon first thing in the morning before hitting the coffee.
  3. Scheduling your exercises for the week,  like a work meeting.
  4. Doing some Marie Kondo and getting rid of clutter and things you don’t enjoy so you clear your head.
  5. Getting our best autumn wardrobe set up to feel your best self and brushing off the cobwebs of lock down and summer.



For anyone that isn’t on our subscription program this is a great opportunity to join! The program includes 3 boxes per year where we plan your wardrobe for the full year covering everything from winter coats, shoes, smart casual work wear to lounge wear, summer holidays and of course autumn – the time for routine and style. Our members here also get preferential treatment with special offers, gifts etc. You can unsubscribe at any time so you aren’t committed to anything if you want to try. For anyone that wants to try and join you can have 15% off your first box or 100 pounds off any spend over 550. For our existing subscription members you will of course get something for this too as always!

Just hit Get Started or Re-order again on our website and tick the subscription box or email us at with any questions or comments.