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Outfits for your work wardrobe

Our work wardrobes were moving towards more casual attire already before Covid hit us, and like with most things Covid has just accelerated some developments including how we dress for work. Whilst we can be comfortable when we work both in the office and at home, it’s also important to have work uniform that still means that we get dressed, to get our head in the right place and be more productive. Here are some of our suggestions to how we can build our work wardrobes. If you want an update to your work wardrobe just reply to this e-mail.


  1. Smarter sweatpants with a knit and a trainer.


2. A soft and casual shirt paired with a relaxed chino and trainers.


3. Hoodie and a jean – with a shirt for back up if you need one.


4. Simple jean and sweatshirt.


5. A sweatshirt to layer over a shirt and chino.