Our Third Objective Social Responsibility - Dappad

Our Third Objective Social Responsibility


Our first step in contributing is our partnership with the London City based charity Suited & Booted. Suited & Booted is an amazing charity that helps vulnerable, unemployed and low income men back in to employment by providing them with suitable interview clothing. Last year they helped 1000 men. Yay!

At Dappad we know how important clothes are to people, it is your first business card before you have even said hello. So we thought this is great!

When we pick up your Dappad box, send us old clothes and we give them to Suited & Booted. Like this you don’t have to leave the house to get rid of your old clothes, it helps a person and it reduces waste. Win Win Win.

Suited & Booted is currently in need of leather shoes so this and next month we are having a campaign to try and collect leather shoes for them. Buy a pair of Made in England Cheaney Shoes – give a pair back, get 10% off your new shoes and we donate 10% of the revenues to Suited & Booted. Again Win Win Win.

Thank you

The Dappad Team

Erika, Ewa and Tine