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Our Business and Beliefs. Why we started Dappad.

We started Dappad based on three Objectives – in this post we are sharing two of them. We want to create an effortless and enjoyable shopping experience for modern men. We want to make modern men feel confident with less effort style wise and socially.

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1. An effortless and personal shopping experience

The modern man wants to look good and he doesn’t compromise on quality. However his big dilemma is time and that is why a curated and personal service is key for him. The easier he can get the things he wants the better.

But there is a gap between what the modern man wants and what is offered to him when it comes to shopping so we decided to do something about it. Let’s make shopping personal again, let’s make it well informed and tailored to the needs of the modern man.

You may love or hate to shop –but you want to look good and you are smart enough to know that you don’t have to work for it.

Welcome to the world of Dappad.

2. Make modern men feel confident with less effort style wise and socially

We are picky with the brands and recommendations that we make, because that is how we live our own lives. We don’t work with brands because of the logos. We work with brands because of the quality, craftsmanship and design that the brands represent. Because of this our members can rest assured that they are dressed in the best of brands, and the best of pieces from these brands. We are ahead of the curve and we make sure our clients are ahead of the curve. Any piece that has gone in to our collection has undergone the scrutiny of the Dappad eye, and this how we achieve our second objective:

Our Belief

Style and fashion exist not only in clothes but all around us; in the streets, in every day life, it has got to do with ideas and everything we do. After all the way you dress is your way of saying to the world who you are without having to speak a word.


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