Our bid to work towards a more sustainable future - Dappad

Our bid to work towards a more sustainable future

As the World Economic Forum is underway in Davos it is clear that the biggest and largest emergency that this planet is facing is climate change and global warming. Whilst we need big big structural changes of the systems that are governing this world, we all need to try and do our bit, change starts with you, and as everyone say when you do implement a change, shout about it and you will see the community around you changing.



Dappad is a miniature company in the big fashion world and the world as a whole but we are trying to do our bit. Whilst we by no means are perfect we are guided by our belief of a better future for the planet and we are keeping this in mind in the decisions what we are making.

How do we contribute?

By choosing a timeless capsule wardrobe you simply need to buy less. The clothes work with your life, from work to casual, to smart casual. They match so that you don’t need to buy 100 different things to make an outfit.

We choose high quality brands that last longer than the average high street brands, and you can wear the clothing for many seasons to come.

Whilst not all of our brands are branded or labelled Eco brands they are all working towards this and becoming more sustainable in their practises. When we are adding new brands though this is what we are looking for – the Eco and ethical angle. These are the brands of the future.

We have joined Alexi Lubormiski’s project Creatives for change that are trying to change the fashion industry to be kinder to animals and the planet. We have committed to not using any fur, feathers or exotic skin (and we never did) we have now also committed to not using animal leather but rather find the amazing new bio-fabricated leathers made from apples and other plants that come from waste and that outperform animal leather.

We plant a tree for every box that we sell via one tree planted.

We hope that you are happy with what we are trying to do and we thank you from our heart for all the support that you are giving us now and in the future. And as we do it – we will of course do it in great great style – no compromise.

Here’s to a better world. Stylish regards.

Team Dappad