Men that kept the effortless style going in 2020 - Dappad

Men that kept the effortless style going in 2020

What a year it has been.. For us at Dappad it has been both good and bad but it has prompted us to consider our situation and it has spurred us to take some new steps that we will hopefully announce in the beginning of 2021 and that we will be to your joy too! We want to thank you so much for supporting us throughout this time and especially our very loyal subscription friends. From next year we have the first ones having reached platinum level for the first time and hence 20% off for life! You will see who you are and probably some of you know it already:)

Whilst a lot of us has spent some time in stretchy pants for a lot of 2021 here are some of our style heroes of 2020 that kept it effortless and minimalist whilst always high style! Here’s to a better 2021. We are slowing down now and we will be back in 2021 with new energy and new projects.


Kendall Roy from Succession


Richard Madden


Henrik Lundqvist


Roger Federer


Pep Guardiola


Sebastian Siemiatkowski