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Loyalty program

Dappad’s Loyalty program – a wardrobe service for life.


Dappad’s loyalty program is the most effortless and joyful way of keeping you and your wardrobe looking your absolute best all year round and it comes with member benefits!


The program involves 3 boxes per year so not too much but not too little, just the right amount for the shifting seasons and you can set the budget for each update.


We do all the planning for your wardrobe depending on existing set up, previous purchases and seasons, making sure you are covered for your wardrobe essentials throughout the year.


The updates are sent out between Jan- Mar for Winter and Spring, High Summer May-July, and Autumn Winter September- November. We can customise together with you.


When joining the program you will enjoy a 15% discount on all boxes from box no 2 providing the spend per box is over 350 pounds.  When you reach our platinum level of spend you have a 20% life time discount on all purchase that you make through Dappad.


Members always also have first access to new collections as well as gifts and promotions throughout the year.