Loui Blake - one trouser three ways - Dappad

Loui Blake – one trouser three ways

Most often we see our clothes in the box or just hanging – but rarely do we have a chance to see them on real life people so we were very excited to have a photo shoot with Loui Blake – one of Dappad’s now brand ambassadors.

Loui is an entrepreneur with many venturs. His ventures are all plant based in order to create a more sustainable future. He is very much a Dappad man. Here he is at his London restaurant Kalifornia Kitchen. If you have a chance do go, the food is delicious and you can have a plant based burger knowing that you’re still very healthy.

For this shoot he was wearing one of our chinos and we just changed the top and by doing so changed the look. A chino is a really great investment piece and you can transform it the way you want to. From smart, to smart casual, to casual.