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It’s in the detail

When it comes to dressing well every little detail matters.  You can be 99% in everything but then that little small thing isn’t part of the outfit and it all falls down. We have gathered a list of the 3 smaller details that aren’t that small in the end. It’s what makes or breaks an outfit.


This is so uber important and sometimes forgotten. You can have a great outfit on top but if the shoes don’t match what is on top it all falls down. So when dressing in the morning, think about the shoes just as much as your clothes. Put categories on your shoes. These are my jeans shoes, these are my chino shoes and these are my suit shoes. Then when you get dressed in the morning no brain power is required.




A belt may seem like a small detail but is so important. It can make or break an outfit. A too chunky belt with an otherwise smart outfit will look off or maybe you’re wearing casual clothing and then putting on a suit belt, that won’t work either I’m afraid.  A great way to have it easy breezy with a belt is to go for the braided ones that are in navy or other non leather colours then you don’t have to think about the shoe and belt matching.




 You’re rocking the best from the shirt to the blazer and the most amazing shoes but oops what is that sticks out between the trousers and the shoes?, a washed out, out of shape sock and it all falls down.  Make a note to refresh your socks every six months and just like with anything quality matters.