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Ideas that spread win

Ideas that spread win. This is the title of one of the most watched Ted talks through time. The talk is by Seth Godin, one of my heroes. I’ve read many of his books and follow him on social media. For inspiring content I really recommend signing up to his daily blog at

Seth is very clear in his message, an idea has to be remarkable. When starting out, become the best at something very small and target only a very niche group of people. If you try and appeal to everyone you fade away in the information overload society that we live in.

So what is Dappad’s idea? Time. Joy and Simplicity. There is real joy in dressing well and dressing well should be easy.

In today’s society time is our most precious asset so take care of it. When you get up in the morning, your wardrobe should match and the clothes should look and feel great when you put them on. That’s why we only sell high quality pieces in the Scandinavian mentality of less is more, and a minimalist and understated way of dressing. Not to mention when creating your capsule wardrobe you also cast a vote for this planet and its resources not to say your own wallet, as timeless high quality pieces will last you a very long time.

So if you believe like us that time really is our most precious asset that there is real joy in dressing well and that it should be easy, then please refer a friend that wants just this. If you do this we will thank you with gifting you 100 GBP off your next order and your friend will get 50 GBP off. Your friend only needs to mention your name at check out and we will allocate the money to your accounts.

It’s Valentine – Spread the love. Thank you for your time.