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How to get the jeans and jacket game right

As dress codes are changing for men, and jeans are now common in the work place there are a few things to keep in mind when wearing this combination. It really is a fine balance for getting it spot on, or just looking a bit off and not with the confidence that you were hoping for. We want to fly right?

The 3 key things to keep in mind are – Fabrics, Jacket Model and Shoes.  And as always we are showing you inspiration from the men that gets it so right.


Fabrics – What shirt fabric are you wearing? 

If you’re wearing a very smart and starched shirt – one that would go with a suit then your choice of jean should be one that is on the smarter side, so a jean that is dark and have no wash, as well as being on the more slimmer and fitted side.  One thing to avoid is wearing a business shirt with a too washed and baggy jeans and with that light weight smart shoes – that look just wont fly. If you on the other hand are wearing a more soft and relaxed shirt, maybe a button down, then a wash in the jeans can look really great!


Photo Credit The Sartorialist Instagram

Jackets – What jacket are you wearing?

The same thought pattern as with the shirt goes with the jacket. A very smart and close to a suit jacket needs a smart jean, one with no or very little wash and one that is of a slimmer model. A very baggy and washed  jeans together with a slim fitting jacket again just won’t fly. On the other hand if you are going for an unconstructed and relaxed jacket then you can go for a more relaxed jeans with a bit of a wash and leg width.

Photo Credit Johannes Huebl Instagram

Shoes – What shoes are you wearing?

If you’re wearing your jean with a shoe that is really smart in the sense that it is very fine and light weight maybe with a pointed toe, or with a shine, it won’t fly.  A jean demands a shoe that is slightly heavier in it’s construction, such as a classic oxford, a dark and not too decorated brogue or a Chelsea boot.  The main thing here is to keep it a bit sturdy unless of course you are opting for a smart trainer which always look great with a jean and a jacket.

Photo Credit Oscar Arrsjo Instagram

We hope you enjoyed that and that this made the jean game just that bit easier:)

Thank you from the Dappad team

Erika, Sara and Julia