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How to dress when the weather shifts – 4 key things not to miss.

The weather naturally affects our mood, we behave differently in different seasons. Believe me I’m Swedish and I know;)  Summer brings everyone out whilst winter is a time for hibernation. Now we’re in autumn and what does that mean for us psychologically and how can you dress to achieve the best wellbeing and comfort?


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Autumn is associated with earth – we have earthy colours on the trees and the leaves fall from the trees giving back to the earth. The weather naturally gets cooler and the air crisper creating a feeling of both aspiration and protection against the cooler temperatures.  Autumn is also associated with back to school, from having been relaxed and chilled during the summer we tend to get back in the groove with projects and work.

So how do you dress for autumn?

Earthy colours is naturally a go to. Navy, deep browns, burgundy and deeper greys. All of these brings about a sort of comfort and a sense feeling close to the earth.


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Coats. For me autumn almost never passes with some sort of coat or jacket being purchased. The feeling of looking great when I step outside in the cooler temperatures make me feel like I’m back in the game. Yes yes I know probably not the most sustainable way, so if you have an awesome coat keep it, but if it starts to look a bit worn in the edges it’s time for an upgrade.


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Knits are a must for this season. The knit gives you a feeling of comfort and protection. When you don’t need a coat when being outside, a great knit will do. To make it perfect complement with a wool scarf and smart gloves.

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Back to school. Maybe it’s reminisce of starting school again but there’s a feeling of wanting to look smart, to be on the ball in the autumn and for that there’s nothing better than a smart shirt to get the brain cells going again after the summer.

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I hope you enjoyed this piece and we are just one click or email way for your autumn update.


Erika and the Dappad team