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How to create the perfect, no effort and no brainpower wardrobe

Zuckerberg style but in nice clothes

If you’re anything like my hubby when getting dressed in the morning you want to look great in what ever you put on and also not having to think about what you put on, Zuckerberg style no brain power required. The key for achieving this is to have an all matching, high quality capsule wardrobe. How do you achieve this? These are our 4 key points, and of course with Dappad you will build just this, effortless.


Versatile clothes. Buy clothes that serve the life you live. Yes it can be fun to have this outrageous shirt for going out that one time in 10 years, but that’s not really a wise investment, so buy clothes that you can wear during the week, during the weekend, during day and night. Verstatility.

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Neutral colours. Stick to a neutral and all matching colour scheme. This means, blues, whites, greys, blacks, beiges and some olives. If you stick to these colours everything will match and you can rest assure when getting dressed in the dark the result is always dapper.

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High quality. Again the quality of the garment is super duper important, a well sown and high quality fabric transforms any outfit. And from a wallet and brain power perspective less is more. In the long rung it’s a plus for your wallet.

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Split your wardrobe in to three parts. The smart, the smart casual one and the casual one, and know that if you pick the pieces from this part of the wardrobe everything will match. The trick is to put it back after you wore it. We will get back to you on how to wardrobe manage in the best way.

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Hope you enjoyed this. Spring is finally here so get your spring capsule wardrobe box now!



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