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Good Bye old suit

Long gone are the days of couture, even though it still exists in a very small way for a very small part of the world’s population.  As a world we’re moving towards a more casual wardrobe both for men and women, and for men it’s particularly clear as the sales of suits go down and smart casual are up.

The majority of modern employers give freedom to their employees. If they look smart and not like they are going to the gym or the night club – most things go.  For men this means freedom, freedom from the constraints of a suit and freedom to choose great smart casual clothes such as great chinos, jeans and softer shirts. Even though you need to adhere to some sort of code for work you can still express your personality more through a smart casual wardrobe.

So what are the must have pieces in a smart casual work wardrobe and how can you express your personality?


The chino.

This is a total must. The best colours are different shades of blue, grey, beige and olives. Express your personality through the fit of the leg;  are you a classic yet modern man?



The shirts

For smart casual opt for slightly softer material shirts rather than a very starched and shiny formal shirt. A button down collar is ideal when you’re not wearing a tie and casual days, but a classic and cutaway is great too.  Colours?, whites and blues, both solid but also with different patterns such as stripes, cheque or print. Are you a solid colour man or do you like to keep things varied with an element of surprise?



An Unconstructed jacket

For the chino it’s important to choose a jacket that’s not too tailored with big shoulder pads as it will look out of place and simply wrong.  For a jacket choose something classic yet modern in a navy or charcoal in solid colours or subtle patterns. A jacket is really an investment piece so opting for something timeless is preferred.  Play around with the fabric and the odd pocket square for some personality.


The denim.

Quite a few men get this part a bit wrong and go for washed and very relaxed jeans.  Those jeans can be great in a casual environment or if you have a jeans and T-shirt dress code but if it’s smart casual keep the denim dark and tailored.  The personality comes through in the fabric and again the leg width only with subtle differences. Who are you?



The Oxford or Chelsea Boot

They are classics that will last you 20 years.  Invest in quality and keep them polished. Always choose the classic model avoiding squared or very pointy toes.  These go with denim and with chinos.



We hope you enjoyed this! and of course you always make each style your own. Speak soon. x Erika