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Fast faster fastest – But we need Slow, Slower, Slowest

That seems to have been the world, the last few decades. Go faster, speak faster, grow faster, sell faster, why aren’t you doing this faster?  Then nature says stop and Covid-19 comes along and everything stops. The world is on stand still, nature says – stop you need to go slower, and will we?  Covid-19 is just the little warning saying to us humans, hey if you don’t slow down then climate change will eventually take you out.


In fashion and retail the seasonality, and speed especially is being challenged in this crisis and rightly so.  Fashion means change – which means that every season there’s supposed to be something new and because it’s new its supposed to be better?  But is that really so?



When starting Dappad we were often asked so what is new  – do you have new things in, what’s new? And I was always a bit taken a back not knowing exactly what to say.  Of course we have new things coming in, as we sell out of pieces, but our styles are most often if not always timeless – the style doesn’t change much from one season to another.  Minimalist styles are always beautiful and when I look back at vintage photos and styles what I see is that the most beautiful photos and clothes were most often of people in timeless and “less is more” styles; they are the ones that stand the test of time.



And if we are to move slower, fashion has to slow down. If we are constantly driven by seasonality then we are desperate to constantly sell out each season because then it’s a new one and then you have sales and people buy things they normally wouldn’t have and more often than not it ends up hanging in the wardrobe before it goes to a charity shop or a landfill.


If we started focusing on timeless pieces and slow fashion then if you don’t sell a shirt that season it will stand the test of time and be good the next one too. We could avoid the massive sales that are causing the retail sectors to soon keel under, as margins are cut thinner and thinner as well as over consumption and ultimately destruction of nature and our planet.


If one good thing comes from this – then GO SLOW – Slow Fashion – Slow Consumption.