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Exercise Program for the Dappad Man

We have now waived good bye to 2015.  Have you made your New Year’s resolutions? Are you planning to welcome the New Year all geared up to work out or work out more? Beware, according to The Wall Street Journal New Year’s resolution to exercise starts to waver in the third week of January. Simply vowing to exercise does not work. We need a plan that is realistic enough but at the same challenging to be worthwhile. Dappad has asked fitness consultant Fabio Domingues to give us an exercise routine that can help convert our intention into action.

The exercise routine


Day 1


Exercise Sets Repetitions/Distance
Goblet Squat 3 12/12/12
Walking Lunges 3 20/20/20
Bear Walk 3 20 meters
Renegade Row 3 10 each side
Wide to close push ups 3 10 each
Combo front to side plank 3 30 seconds
Kettle bell Swings 3 20/20/20
Farmers walk 3 30 meters
Rowing (Tabata) 1 4 minutes



Day 2


Exercise Sets Repetitions/Distance
Sumo deadlift to up right row 3 10/10/10
Jump squat 3 10/10/10
Step Up 3 12 each leg
Burpee to box jump 3 10/10/10
Kettle bell Snatch 3 10 each side
Mountain Climbers 3 50/50/50
Turkish Get up 3 10/10/10
Incline leg raise 3 12/12/12
Sprints 10 100 meters each



  1. Weights used should be adequate to the number of repetitions suggested. If you can do more than the number asked with the weight you are using, increase it. If you can’t finish the repetitions with proper form, reduce the weight.
  2. The exercises should be done as a group. Do one set of each for the number of repetitions asked, and repeat all, till you complete the number of sets suggested.
  3. Rest time should be kept to the minimum. Enough to have some water and start again.
  4. The distance suggested for Bear Walk and Famer Walk can be adjusted to the space you have. If short of space, do as many turns as necessary to complete the distance. If too easy, increase de distance.
  5. Combo front to side plank: start – (hold for 30 seconds each position) – front plank – side plank – front plank – side plank (other side) – front plank. Transition should be done with your core engaged and without resting. Total time: 2 ½ minutes.
  6. Rowing (Tabata protocol) – Rowing 20 seconds very fast and 10 seconds at a slow pace. Repeat 8 times.


The program is adequate for everyone. If your level of fitness is more advanced, play with the load in the exercises. Challenge yourself to the point where you can do the repetitions suggested.


Executing the program correctly will increase mobility and fitness, drop body weight and help with definition. You will notice improvements in your posture and endurance.


You should be able to execute the program in 40 minutes or less. You can do the exercises before work, on your lunch break or quickly after work without compromising your day. Remember work out as many times as you see fit. Results can be speed up if you increase the number of sessions.


We do recommend a daily routine alternating between programs 1 and 2. Take 1 or 2 days off. Avoid more than one session a day. If you have time and want to do something else in the day after the exercises, do a Tabata protocol on the bike, elliptical trainer or step-ups, and if you brave enough, sit ups or battle rope.


For more information and tips on training and nutrition visit www.abitmorefit.me.


Wishing you a healthy and happy life!