Dragon's Den celebration - 10 trees per box - Dappad

Dragon’s Den celebration – 10 trees per box

Exciting news!  It has been 2 years now since Dappad first appeared on Dragon’s Den and we are once again on the show tonight at 8pm GMT on BBC2.  A lot has changed since.

We have found who we truly are, what we stand for and what our mission is. To find a way of dressing men that makes them look and feel their best, making it a joyful and effortless experience whilst not costing the planet or hurting animals.

In light of the Australian bush fires and the ever increasing climate emergency we face, we promise to plant 10 trees per box sold for any new order received in the next 7 days of the shows’ airing.

We hope you align with our message and thank you ever so much for your support.

Stylish Regards

Erika Nilsson-Humphrey