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Dappad the Mindful Shopper

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In a World where everything is fast paced and all go, sometimes it is beneficial to stop and take a step back and breathe. Follow the Marie Kondo method of clearing your clutter, do less work and achieve more and go back to basics.

DAPPAD supports the new ethos of mindfulness with a mindful way of shopping and a revolution in buying less and choosing well.  With DAPPAD you call a stylist, tell them your style needs and are sent a tailored box of clothing to try in the comfort of your own home. You can avoid the rush of hitting the shops and being overwhelmed by a million choices and rather take a step back and relax. DAPPAD will only sell long lasting high quality style and the client enjoys the value of looking good with zero effort. Advocating quality over quantity and the famous Scandinavian way of minimalism.

DAPPAD curates a personally tailored box of clothing of high quality specifically chosen brands such as J Lindeberg, Paige, Sand Copenhagen and ETON. Dappad choses to work with a few brands over many for the simple reason that when you choose well you need less. DAPPAD chooses your style and clothing well, with the outcome of a mindful wardrobe of items you actually wear freeing up your mind to focus on what is important. Every item of clothing sent to a client is mindfully done with the aim for the client to have enough clothing to look smart and being able to step out in a complete outfit that is versatile and transcends between occasions. The cost of the DAPPAD shopping experience is higher than high street brand shopping, as Dappad aims to provide beautiful pieces of clothing that last season after season. DAPPAD supports well designed and made clothing which are responsibly produced. Looking for small independent brands and designers, where craftsmanship and individuality are valued, each brand has a story behind them and a difference to make.

DAPPAD London is the effortless and mindful way for a man to shop. Our clientele gains a personal and warm service for the modern man who wants the best in life.

“Making Men Look Good”