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How to look the part at 50

It’s a shame that so many men think that just because they’re hitting middle age that great style is no longer for them.

Well I’m here to bust that conception! There is a saying “style at any age” and that’s so true. No matter your age you have access to great style. A lot of Dappad’s clothing is ageless. Depending on how you wear the pieces and what you style them with it you can express your age and style. A well fitting tapered pair of navy chinos will look as good on a 25 year old as they will on a 55 year old – just choose what you pair them with.

So in order to celebrate style at 50 – I’ve decided to show you one of my greatest style inspirations – Eric Rutherford. A man in his prime – approaching 50, showing that great style only gets better with time.

Below are a few of my favourite looks from Eric.

Denim on denim paired with an unconstrcuted jacket.

Blue is the best colour ever on men. Here he has paired the suit with a T-shirt and trainers for a casual look. For a more formal look just change the shoes to a pair of Oxfords and the T-shirt to a shirt.  Easy.

Such a simple yet so elegant summer look.

A chino, unconstructed jacket and white T-shirt.

Navy and denim.

I hope that gave you some inspiration and if you want more, Eric Rutherford’s Instagram page is below.

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