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Brush your teeth

Just when we thought we could say good bye to 2020 with a big finger to it, 2021 is starting off not a much better note. But there’s light in the end of the tunnel now at least and we can find inspiration in stories, people and small things in every day life. Here is our list for a better start to 2021 during a pandemic.



Try to avoid news or media before meditation and a cup of something to drink and list things you are grateful for. For meditation apps look at the below for inspiration.

Natural movement every day in the fresh air – walks, biking whatever is your thing.



Take a shower and brush your teeth 🙂



Even if you are at home – dress semi smart, even if its just a jean and great knit rather than 10 year old sweats. It changes your mindset.



Find an inspiring and informative podcast. Our favourite is the Rich Roll podcast.

Get reading – CNN, the FT have many great reads for 2021.

Find some Netflix or other binge worthy series for the evenings.

To celebrate Veganuray, eat as many plants and fruits as possible to keep healthy and a healthy planet. The Bosh guys are great!

For 2021 and because of lock down we are offering our boxes at 15% off!  You can sign up or just email to get your 15% off box.

Lets keep 2021 still a well dressed one!

Team Dappad – thats grown this year more to come on that..