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Books to read this spring & summer

Books to read this spring & summer


While we’re not going out for drinks, dinners and other social gatherings at the moment, we might finally find time to read that book we’ve long had on our to-do list.

We’ve selected a few treasures we can highly recommend, focusing on non-fiction and in different ways quite relevant due to what we are experiencing during this unprecedented time.

Daniel Goleman is the Buddhist psychologist and author who actually coined the concept of ‘emotional intelligence,’ and in Focus he hones on the importance of, well, focus, in reaching and maintaining excellence in a wide variety of fields. In this fascinating read, he outlines what he calls ’Smart Practice,’ stating that ‘full absorption in what we do feels good, and pleasure is the emotional marker of flow.’

Robert Greene is most known for The 48 Laws of Power and 33 Strategies of War and in his less know Mastery Study the behaviors of some history’s biggest masters and some keys to achieving what seems like intuitive and effortless mastery: relentless and systematic study and effort, apprenticeship and oceanic failures with examples from the likes of Henry Ford, Thomas Edison, John Coltrane, Marcel Proust and many more.

Seth Godin’s classic The Dip seems as apt as ever in a  period of time where strategic choices and self-reflection take on a whole new level of meaning. Knowing when to keep going and when and what to quit could be more important than ever right now.

On that note, James Clear’s Atomic Habits also seems eerily apt. What better time than now to break bad habits and build good ones?

Matthew Walker’s Why We Sleep is a modern classic. Perhaps we can all catch up on lost sleep now that everything comes to a halt for a short time, and look forward to an invigorated re-entry beyond frazzle and burnout.

Published in 2009 Richard Dooling Rapture For The Geeks is still a very relevant excursion into the possible salvation and/or damnation that AI can bring.

Michio Kaku’s The Future Of The Mind is a riveting look into what the future, near and not so near, may hold for the human mind. While we might take ’the mind’ for granted and see it as something unchangeable, Kaku shows some possibilities of mind evolution and interactions with silicon and even alien mind/minds.

To sum up, Haruki Murakami’s Absolutely On Music is a beautiful series of thoughtful essays reflecting both on the nature of music and that of writing. Over two years, Murakami met with his friend Seiji Ozawa, former conductor of the Boston Symphony Orchestra, and discussed their common passion: music. Not to be missed.